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- Heavy duty professional grade moving blankets  - Furniture disassembly & reassembly at no extra cost.

- Furniture staging and boxes delivered to assigned locations - An after hours / emergency contact   


Thank you for your request! You will receive an estimate within 24-48 hours.

Please provide a complete inventory of your articles and detailed descriptions of your home's layout and terrain. You must inform us if you have any items over 200lbs. i.e. pianos, safes, pool tables, exercise equipment, any oversized furniture or appliances. Also note any speciality items that are of exceptional value or weight, extremely fragile, or require complex disassembly to be moved.  Homes over 2 bedrooms require in-home estimates.


A deposit is required in order to lock in a service date.


Please be sure of the following before Booking with Smooth Moves Cville, LLC :
  • Call or email to check availability if you are booking less than 2 weeks out.
  • Gathered all location addresses and made an inventory of everything you wish to move.
  • Made sufficient contingency plans in the case of bad weather or other uncontrollable circumstances.
  • Read our policy and procedures page in full.

Student Moving & Storage Package

Smooth Moves Cville, LLC offers a special flat rate for student bedrooms 

Our Package includes the following:

  • Pick up and Delivery to any locations within Charlottesville City limits.

  • Wrapping and storage for up to 150 Cubic feet with option to purchase more space

  • Discounts on all of our packing materials and box packing crew services

  • Storage for up to 3 months in temperature controlled units.

Service available to alternate delivery locations for additional fees.

Rates and services are subject to availability and some restrictions apply.


Student Moving & Storage Booking

Thank you! Please give us 24 hours to process your request

Thank you for booking with Smooth Moves Cville!

Please be sure to read our Polices and Pro Tips prior to your service date.


Due to the many variables in the moving experience,
We provide estimates, we cannot provide guarantees.  
We strive for low per diem minimums and competitive rates.
Our costs & fees remain transparent & accessible in your online contracts.  
Absolutely NO hidden costs or fees ever.
Our skilled professionals do their very best to provide accurate estimates, however, please be aware that predicting moving times is very difficult due to the many variables that exist in the moving experience. Our estimates are only as good as the information you provide.  Please provide as many details as possible and notify our office of any changes to your moving plans or service needs. 
Your final charges are determined by you - your requests and needs guide everything we do.
It's imperative to plan your move accordingly.  Ensure you have read and understand all of your moving company's policies and procedures.  Your move plan should also include considerations for any unseen hiccups and forces that occur beyond anyone's control;
i.e. bad weather, traffic, vehicle failures, elevator failures, illness, ect.
Smooth Moves Cville makes every effort to remain flexible and meet any challenge along the way!
Please click the link to read our Polices page in full.

Tipping Your Movers


Many satisfied customers often ask, "What kind of tip do you give a mover?" 

Theres no right or wrong answer. It's completely up to you and your experience. 

A few guides suggest formulas such as doing 5% of your moving bill or $5-8 per mover per hour they worked. 

Over the last 7 years, we have seen movers receive anything from $10-$200 per mover.  We've also seen customers provide each mover with a different amount each.  As with any gratuity, your tip should be a reflection of your experience.  

Additionally, another wonderful gesture is offering them a drink or a snack.  The movers live off of Gatorade in the summer.  Protein rich snacks, fruits, and any other tasty treats are also greatly appreciated.  If you have your moving crew the entire day or over the course of several days, you may even consider picking up lunch for them.

Regardless, nothing is expected, your moving team will always remain professional and eager to please.  

We thank you for choosing to tip our Moving Crews, as they are truly our greatest asset here at Smooth Moves Cville.  Here at the office, we also enjoy feedback from our customers! Please feel free to send us a follow up email to let us know if there was anything we could improve on! Don't be shy, we strive to always be improving.  Additionally, please feel free to leave some written word of your experiences on Yelp or Google.  Your online reviews help this small local woman owned and operated business grow.  

To show our gratitude, we provide discounts for return customers.  We don't wish repeat moving on anyone, but if that happens to your family, let our little discount take some of the edge off.  



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