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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Move

You can use greener material to pack your stuff! Think about reusing your old shoe and wine boxes to pack things. You can use bath and kitchen towels or other linens to wrap and pack your breakables; kiling two birds with one stone! We don't recommend using plastic trash bags to pack your things if possible. Plastic can easily break under heavy loads, and takes much longer to biodegrade than cardboard.

Recycle as many materials as possible that were used in your move. Or, you can donate all your used packing materials as well. You can post a "Curbside Alert" ad online to have whomever will take your materials. A few commonly used sites for donating free stuff are and Just post your ad providing a discription of your materials and an address or street corner that they can be picked up from. Then put your stuff out on the curb and watch how fast it disappears.

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