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When is a good time to book my moving services?

The Moving business has a peak season. This is, of course, the Spring and Summer months, and part of the Fall as well. This is when the weather is most desirable for moving for most folks. Also, the rental housing season begins. Whether you are hiring a full service company like us, or simply renting a truck or other transport platform, all costs associated with relocating inflate during this peak time. Being as such, the best time to book is before the season hits. Booking your services prior to about mid April you are most likely to get the best prices regardless of what services you need. Booking early means you lock in these off-season rates and your moving experience just got that much better.

If it's possible, moving during the winter, here in Virginia, is almost better than moving during the summer. As we don't see too much snow here, the weather is nice and cool, and again, you get those off-season service rates.

If you do need to book your services during peak summer months, we highly recommend that you book as far in advance as possible. All Charlottesville moving companies book up fast. You don't want to be stuck trying to figure out how you are going to get that armoire down those stairs by yourself. Additionally, if you can move during the week this is recommended as well. Your movers are less likely to get delayed or grow tired during the week days.

If you book early, you can always reschedule your date and time if necessary.

At Smooth Moves, customers who have paid a deposit always get top priority when rescheduling their services. We completely understand that closing dates can fall through or you find out your new apartment has issues and you can't move in as planned. We make it our top priority to accommodating you in every way.

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