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Reduce The Stress!! Tips for a Smoother Move.

Did you know the stress of relocating your home even in the same town is equal to that of enduring job loss, divorce, or death of a loved one? Moving is both emotionally and physically depleting. Hiring a mover to remove that stress is worth your sofa's weight in gold.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to help you smooth it out...

  • Book your movers early!! The earlier you book, the better rates you’ll get. You also get to lock in the dates you want.

  • You can submit a change of address form at ahead of time.

  • You can also schedule your utilities to be transferred ahead of time online.

  • Perform repairs or any painting to your old home or apartment far in advance, so when moving day comes, that's one less thing to think about.

  • Donate items that aren’t worth moving. Whether you sell them or donate them, some items just aren’t worth the cost or work of packing and moving.

  • Take pictures of the back of your electronics so that you can remember how to hook everything back up. You can also take pictures of your other articles for planning furniture placement.

  • Make sure you have plenty of moving supplies, especially paper and bubble wrap. To save on costs, use your bath and kitchen towels to pack your fragile items.

  • Begin packing at least a month ahead of time, starting with your non essential articles. Be sure to label all your boxes by room and contents. Utilize colored stickers for added organization and less time spent writing.

  • Remember to practice self care. Transition is hard on everyone in the family. Schedule relaxing activities and take the family out to eat on days that you are really feeling the weight of moving.

  • Talk to the kids. Moving can be scary for them. You can start weeks in advance talking to them about the "big adventure" they are about to embark on. Remember to tell them it's "ok to miss their old home" but that they will have many new and exciting adventures in their new space.

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