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Nifty tricks and handy tips to have a SMOOTH MOVE. You can do these quick and easy hacks yourself or ask your moving crew to implement them upon arrival!

*Place a rubber band around each door handle, twisting and wrapping it across the door latch to prevent it from locking out the movers.

*Use cardboard on stairs or floor ways to protect carpet or hardwood from mover traffic.

*To stablize your washing machine agitator, stuff pillows and/or blankets inside the dry drum to keep it from moving around and causing possible damage to your machine.

*Place unused maxi pads or diapers in your fridge or freezer to absorb any moisture during moving of the appliance.

*You may leave your light weight clothes in your dresser drawers! The movers will move your dressers with clothes inside!

*Pack your lampshades in a box with pillows and blankets to keep them from getting damaged.

*Purchase Bed bags from your local hardware or trucking company to pack your bedding and pillows. Twin size works the best. You can pack almost an entire linen closet into these heavy duty plastic bags.

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