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Helping Children Through a Move

Experts recommend to start having an open discussion with your children about the upcoming move as soon as possible. Explaining to them what changes to expect will help them prepare for the transition. Be sure to emphasize to them some exciting things to look forward to in their new spaces. Focusing on all of the new exciting things they have coming, will certainly make the move easier and happier for everyone. Share all of your own enthusiasm for this upcoming move with them. Additionally, don't be afraid to spend some time discussing the things that will be missed about their old spaces as well. Some sadness is natural and everyone needs time and space to mourn the loss of the old home life. Empathizing with all the emotions children experience is helpful to normalize and achieve healthy emotional adjustment for all humans at any age. Thus, discussing with them the things that will remain the same is also important. Point out to them all of the things that they can rely on to remain consistent no matter what. This will give them a clear picture of what to expect from the entire event.

It's essential to include kiddos and give them a sense of control of their big move. Find age appropriate choices they can help make about the transition. Family choices, such as donating things around the home that perhaps the family no longer needs. They can help weigh in on decluttering, packing and unpacking. Have them help decide where furniture should be placed throughout the new home. Also consider allowing kids to pick the paint or color scheme for their bedrooms. Even the simplest of choices helps them feel more in control of a situation that they will largely feel is out of their control.

Each family member should set aside their essential items that they require for their daily routine over the course of 1-3 days. These articles consist of bathroom products, a few sets of clothes, school bags, snacks, devices and charging cords. A simple way to handle this is to get a clear plastic bin for each family member to use for these essentials. Or, if everyone has their own personal suitcase, that can also be utilized. This will help everyone have easy access to what they will need right away upon entering their new home.

For more in depth information about having a happier move, please check out the book, "The Art of Happy Moving" by Ali Wenzke.

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